Ottawa’s Top 3 Game Bars

Going to the same old bars and clubs every weekend can get repetitive. Luckily, there are a few alternatives shake up your routine, starting with bars that offer board games, arcade games, and video games. In some ways, it’s really the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy getting together with your friends for drinks, but you also get to dress casually, cozy up, and partake in a few classic games (which you might’ve just done at home alone otherwise).

Here are the best game bars in Ottawa:

The Loft Board Game Lounge: Out of the bars on this list, The Loft Board Game Lounge is by far the most casual and comfortable spot. Located in the heart of the Byward Market, this 2-story establishment has a quiet, cozy atmosphere, abundant board game selection, and a delicious food and drink menu. It’s the perfect place to spend a tame evening with your pals.

The Blurry Pixel: If you want to enjoy a warm meal and a beer while beating your friends at Mario Kart, then The Blurry Pixel is the place to be. Located just West of The Byward Market, tucked away on Queen Street, lies the perfect spot to host your group of friends, hunker down, and play all your childhood favourites like Pokémon, Zelda, or Super Mario. Although a bite more lively than The Loft, The Blurry Pixel still has a relatively relaxed, pub-like atmosphere.

Room 104: Unlike The Loft or The Blurry Pixel, Room 104 is anything but relaxed, quiet, or tame. The music is usually blasting at a nightclub-level of volume, and on the weekends, it’s usually packed with people. Also located smack-dab in the middle of The Market, it’s a hard one to walk by, and not be sucked into. The thing that sets Room 104 apart from any other club in Ottawa, is that they offer classic, vintage arcade games, and an air-hockey table. It’s the perfect spot to go if you’re torn between going to a fast-paced, jam-packed nightclub, or going somewhere a bit more casual, that offers not just alcohol (although, they do have over 100 shot options), but also a 90’s-theme decor, and dozens of game options.
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