Add Some Flare to your Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

As the weather slowly turns from the warm, humid temperatures of a typical Ottawa summer into the cooler days of fall and the leaves on the trees reflect these changes by transitioning into the rich tapestry of reds, yellows and oranges associated with the season; my mind fills with the desire for warmer drinks.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is the perfect time to break out some of those warm pairing beverages to go with Thanksgiving dinner. Adding the warm fall flavored liquors to your baking and dinner preparations as part of the meal or to enjoy after in the form of spiked teas, coffees or hot chocolates. Look around for Baileys limited-edition Pumpkin Spice. This liquor has a fantastic tangy flavor reminiscent of pumpkin pie and would mix well with any of the aforementioned beverages or taste delicious on its own neat, or on the rocks.

If you are a beer lover then Muskoka and St-Ambroise, just to name a few, have tart pumpkin ales. However, if ale is not your thing then Big Rig offers a pumpkin porter that is said to be delicious.  Then again, perhaps whiskey is more your thing. If that is the case spiced pumpkin whiskey is available by various distillers.

So, when you sit down to your dinner this weekend add a harvest alcohol to your dinner menu this year. In your baking, to add some flare, or as a compliment to your meal. You never know – it may become a new tradition. Happy Holidays.

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