5 Ottawa Bars for Drinkers with a Competitive Streak

We’ve all got that one friend who can never shake their competitive side. They’re the friend that always suggests a game of beer pong when everyone else is just content to hang out and listen to music; the friend that tries to organize a massive game of King’s Cup or Flip Cup at every party they go to. We all know that person. Some of us might even be that person.

The good news, for people with this kind of insatiable thirst for competition, is that Ottawa is full of bars that will allow you to drink and simultaneously lay merciless beat-downs on your compatriots in various games and competitions. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Local Lansdowne

Local Lansdowne is not a game bar, per se, but at this lively watering hole, you’ll find a number of fun games to destroy your drinking buddies at. In the winter months, when the patio is closed, you can decimate them at a high-stakes game of shuffleboard. In the summer, when the Local patio opens up, thrash them at a game of bocce or ping pong. Whatever the case, you can take comfort in the fact that, after a visit to Local, your friends will have experienced gut-wrenching losses, while you will be enjoying the glorious high of victory.

2. Mulligan’s Golf Bar

Mulligan’s Golf Bar, which is perched on bustling Queen Street is as it’s name suggest, a golf bar. The bar is full of awesome golf simulators — which afford you an amazing opportunity to dominate your friends on the green any time of year. Even in the bone-chillingly cold months of winter. Furthermore, Mulligan’s Golf Bar has a fantastic food and drink menu, so you can triumphantly toast yourself when your victory is secure.

3. House of TARG

House of TARG, which sits at the intersection of Bank and Sunnyside, is famous for two things: perogies and pinball. This latter claim to fame, of course, will appeal to anybody with a lust for competition. Amazingly, TARG also has a dozen or so classic arcade games, so you can defeat your drinking buddies at a plethora of different games, rather than just one or two. Oh, and you’ve got to try their Caesars!

4. MacLaren’s on Elgin

What better way to trump one of your drinking buddies than with a classic game of pool? If pool is your cup of tea, try MacLaren’s on Elgin, a cozy establishment with plenty of tables. Inside MacLaren’s you’ll also find plenty of big-screen TVs to watch the game, a great food menu, and of course plenty of fantastic beers, wines and cocktails.

5. Cue and Cushion

Cue and Cushion is another one of Ottawa’s famous pool halls, and a great place to let your competitive side out. This sprawling establishment has more tables than you can count, along with a few arcade games, and a jukebox that is always pumping out great tunes. Cue also has a great selection of drinks that meet at the delightful intersection of delicious and affordable. What could be better?

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