4 Ottawa Patios to Visit Before Summer Ends

Summer ends on September 21. That means we’ve got a little over a month of this beautiful season left. After that, the leaves will turn orange, fall from the trees, and eventually, be covered by a blanket of snow. That’s when we’ll all head inside, lock our doors, and drink until spring.

But summer isn’t over yet. We’ve still go time. And there’s no better way to spend that time than drinking cold drinks on one of Ottawa’s many beautiful patios.

Without further ado, here are four patios to try in these final weeks of summer.

Courtyard Restaurant

Courtyard Restaurant, which is situation on George Street in the ByWard Market, doesn’t have a typical patio. Instead, as its name suggests, it has an gorgeous stone courtyard — the perfect place to have a few cocktails or beers and enjoy some mouth watering food.

LOCAL Lansdowne

It’s not always easy to get a spot on the patio at Local, which sits inside Lansdowne Park, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s one of the best patios in the city. Not only does this patio get sunlight for most of the day, but it’s also got some awesome outdoor games like Bocce and table tennis. What could be better?

Mexicali Rosa’s

What’s better than patio? A patio on the water. And that’s just what Mexicali Rosa’s offers. Situated on Dows Lake, this Mexican joint’s patio offers incredible views of the water, the charming boardwalk, and the gorgeous arboretum. Better still, they’ve got incredible food and an extensive menu of delicious drinks.

Canal Ritz

The Canal Ritz is another Ottawa bar with a patio on the water. This one sits on the Rideau canal, along winding Queen Elizabeth Drive, between Lansdowne Park and Pretoria. Grab a seat at their patio and wash down there incredible, modern Italian food with some of the city’s best drinks.

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